Dear Friends,

Have you noticed that the study of history and historical events is usually the study of the accomplishments of individuals? Sometimes individuals work in groups and sometimes they work alone. Neverthless, the truly great progress of mankind is usually based on individual progress -- those people who have taken a challenge to perform a task a little better, to teach someone else how to live a better life, to write down his findings in a book for the benefit of others, to put his life on the line to protect another's right to life or liberty, etc., etc.

How You Can Teach Correct Principles of Government

Nearly fifteen years ago, Dr. Skousen, the founder of NCCS, wrote an article entitled, Constitutional Questions to Ask Candidates. This article helped many people focus on issues of the day as they met with candidates for public office. It also provided a basis to discover which candidates could be considered constitutional.

Enclosed in this mailing you will find our updated constitutional questions to ask candidates. The first is entitled Ten Constitutional Questions to Ask Candidates for Federal Office, and the second is, Ten Questions to Ask Candidates for State/Local Offices. We have reworked the questions to reflect today's topics and have shortened the list so that a person can copy and distribution them easier.

What a great teaching opportunity for one person to undertake. If you have ever said to yourself, I am only one person, what can I do?, here is the answer. There is a lot of talk today about the Constitution and related issues. Now you can be a teacher! As you familiarize yourself with and ask these questions of candidates, you will be responsible for turning a sincere person into a real constitutionalist.

Winners of NCCS's First Annual Constitution Essay Contest for Youth

Our July newsletter announced a youth writing contest to be concluded on August 15th. NCCS is pleased to announce the following winners:

First Place -- Becky Kinmont of Perry, Utah. Essay title: The Event is in the Hand of God

Becky, who is 15 years old, begins her essay by writing, The Constitution of the United States of America! When these words are heard, many people think of trouble between the states, securing freedom, and the Founding Fathers. All of these things are very important, but one thing I believe we overlook is how it all came about--not just by luck but by the hand of God. After several examples of God's dealing with America's founders, she concludes by saying of the future of America that, ...the event is in the hands of God. Becky has been awarded the $200 first place prize.

Second Place -- Morgan Andrews of San Marcos, California. Essay title: The Making of America

Morgan, 14, points out that all throughout the history of the earth, there has been a need for freedom. Sometimes the world's inhabitants are able to enjoy that right, but all too often, the full extent of that God-given right has been withheld from them as far as the power of mortal man permits. After giving examples of the struggles of mankind to gain freedom, he concludes by noting, ...these men (the Founders) got together and made the Constitution of the United States of America so that the people in America and also the world could enjoy the right of freedom.... I believe that we the people should also do all we can to preserve this blessing of freedom, because it is so precious.... Morgan has been awarded the $100 second place prize.

Two Third Place winners--Hyrum Andrews of San Marcos, California with essay titled, Hip! Hip! Hooray and Jaimie Boston of Citrus Heights, California with essay titled, The Preamble

Hyrum, 13, began by writing, Hip! Hip! Hooray! The Revolutionary War is over! He then develops the thought that dealing with freedom was not all that easy. He tells the story of Washington's patriotic refusal to be made king and how eventually the constitution was written which ...set up a good government that is run by the people, the ones who will see the consequences of the decisions made.

Jaimie, 14, commented in her essay on each of the seven main points in the Preamble to the constitution saying, Honor, fairness, and equity is what the Founders wanted established among the people, a moral rightness that would stand up to anything.... It is up to every person in every generation to pursue and secure the great blessings that come from liberty.

Hyrum and Jaimie have each been awarded the $50 third place prize.

A hearty thanks to all who participated. Young people can lookforward to another contest next year.

I Am Only ONE - What Can I Do?

This is probably the most often asked question of those who attend NCCS seminars. Finally, a powerful reference/textbook is available through NCCS that answers that question in as much detail as you would like. Fred Holden, an ardent NCCS supporter who lives in Arvado, Colorado, has written an excellent book entitled Total Power of ONE in America. Its theme: I am ONE. I am only ONE. But I will do, what ONE can do. He then proceeds to give literally hundreds of suggestions, supported by examples, stories, facts, historical anecdotes, and exciting narrative, of what just one person can do to make a difference.

This book should be used as a high school or college textbook for the effective training of our young people! See NCCS's offering on the enclosed flyer.


Earl Taylor, Jr.