Dear Friends,

In this special month of Thanksgiving I am particularly grateful for the wonderful friends of liberty who put forth an unusual amount of effort to gather friends and acquaintances to hear the Founders message of freedom, prosperity and peace.


America's Cradle of Liberty Hears Founders' Story

There are a few places we have been in this nation where, as we teach the Founders' message, we seem to feel a special kinship with those who walked over that very soil two hundred years ago. Boston, Massachusetts is one of those places.

This past month, the work of Lara Christensen was rewarded for the second time this year as a wonderful group of liberty-loving Americans gathered from all over New England to hear the Founders' story. Boston and the surrounding area are the places where the Pilgrims and Puritans settled to find religious freedom. It is the country of Sam Adams, the Father of the American Revolution, and many other patriots. It is also the place of the beginning of the Revolutionary War. In this cradle of liberty the spirit of freedom seems to be brooding over a number of our friends and is awakening in them a strong desire to once again hear the message of America's first patriots. It is not easy to arouse many people to take part in this study, particularly in a college environment like Boston, but Lara is undaunted in her efforts and the results are rewarding.


To our knowledge, Nebraska has never had an NCCS seminar--until last month. Thanks to Mike and Trudy Nolles, the state's first seminar was one to remember.

A few days after returning home, Mike wrote to us saying, I have in my life met some influential people and at times been impressed or moved by them. However, I do not remember ever being moved in the manner in which your seminar took me. I have had much feedback since last Saturday, all of which has been very positive. I can promise you that lives have been changed, minds have been opened and everyone will forever look upon their country with a different perspective.

In addition to a number of concerned citizens from around Nebraska, Mike and Trudy were able to assemble a group of public officials for the seminar, including three state senators, a county commissioner, a county assessor and former candidates for governor and the legislature.

The excitement exhibited by these public servants would thrill any teacher as they sat, mostly on the front row, soaking up the Founders' wisdom. Every once in a while one would exclaim, Yes, that is exactly what we need to hear in the legislature! Mike reports they are already working on arrangements to have us return to teach the entire legislature (a unicameral body in Nebraska).

Pondering upon the tremendous success, particularly in having such an enthusiastic response from elected officials, I have to again give many thanks to Dr. Skousen for the years of study, writing and teaching he has done to package the Founders' story in such a way that all Americans find it so applicable in their various pursuits.


Last year, the Arizona State legislature passed a law creating a state Constitution Commemoration Committee. Appointed to the new committee by the Speaker of the House was Dale Langkilde, a long-time supporter of NCCS and a skillful presenter of the Founding Fathers ideas. Recently, Mr. Langkilde gave a presentation to the committee that has caught the attention of the media statewide. In his research, he has dug out of Arizona's laws some very specific requirements pertaining to the teaching of the Constitution and its background sources to students in the public school. He even discovered a law that says failure to do this in-depth teaching is grounds for removal of a school superintendent from his or her position! Can you imagine what happened when he presented this material to the committee for action?

This speech is so powerful and so well outlined that it deserves the attention of people in other states who are disappointed in the way their states are neglecting the teaching of such an important document. We have included an edited version of Mr. Langkilde's speech with this letter. You will be thrilled to read it. Hopefully, more careful research might be done in your state where similar, surprising laws may be found.

For the information of those who access the Internet, Dale Langkilde has been putting NCCS material on-line. It includes descriptions and pictures of books and tapes along with ordering information. The Internet address is: http//


Earl Taylor, Jr.

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