Dear Friends,

We have come again to the great season of peace, or at least it is the time when more people yearn for peace, as individuals, in their families, in their communities, in their nations, and in the world. The peace we seek does not come without effort. Dr. W. Cleon Skousen has reminded us, Peace does not exist in nature. It has to be built. Like a palace or a fortress, it has to be carefully structured according to a plan, according to a formula. The American Founding Fathers said the road to peace begins with a humble recognition that man is the offspring of a much higher form of intelligence than himself. It is this Supreme Intelligence who has bestowed upon man his natural or inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the enjoyment of his labors. Dr. Skousen continues, The cornerstone of peace is to live in a society where the people know their natural rights will be respected and protected.... Peace, then, begins with those who have learned to love God enough to obey his commandments, and to love one another enough to preserve the building blocks of society -- the family, the community, the state, and the nation.

Peacemakers are Doers, ...not Hearers Only

Having spent nearly every Saturday since the end of the summer teaching a Making of America seminar somewhere in the Country, I have noticed that those who make the effort to host a seminar are very special kinds of peacemakers. They are people who just can't stand to hear a great message and not share it with their friends. They are people who have come to know the permanency and power which the Founding Fathers success formula can have for peace, prosperity, and freedom if enough citizens would again embrace it. They are people who have put their reputations on the line as did the signers of the Declaration of Independence and mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

During the last month we have participated in four marvelous seminar gatherings. I think of Marsha Long, who, with her husband, lives near beautiful Coos Bay, Oregon. Marsha is a peacemaker whose influence stretches into several counties. She was able to gather many friends, including a county commissioner, in nearby Coquille for a seminar which has reverberated into several nearby counties, a couple of which are now planning their own. The Longs represent those many young couples in America today determined to do their part to make America better.

I think of Cecilio Maldonado in Berkley, near Detroit, Michigan. Cecilio is President and founder of Informed American Voters, Inc., in Michigan. He was so anxious to help educate his acquaintances that he scheduled an NCCS seminar merely upon hearing about our organization. Cecilio is another peacemaker who has the love of liberty in his heart and is willing to pledge a little time and resources to spread this exciting message. The seminar in Michigan attracted many from different areas of the state and some are planning to invite us into their cities.

I think of Rick Dalton who hosted a seminar in Mesa, Arizona this past month. Rick is an 18-year veteran of the Mesa Police Department and has been encouraging police officers around the country to study the Constitution. He will continue to be a great asset particularly in law enforcement education.

I think of Lydia Acuff in Lubbock, Texas. Lydia is a young, busy mother of three children. She attended our seminar in Amarillo last year and was so excited she said all her friends in Lubbock need to hear this. Lydia is a true peacemaker. With the flame of liberty burning in her heart, she moves methodically forward and has not hesitated to enlist the help of others. Lydia attracted a number of people who gave scholarships for youth to attend the seminar. A local Justice of the Peace was with us, and as the seminar concluded, he left with a whole stack of books as though to say, I've finally found some answers. Also attending in Lubbock was a representative of the Texas Farm Bureau, who flew across the state to be with us in anticipation of inviting NCCS to participate in the teaching of 300-400 top high school students next June.

Looking Back on 1995

Seeing such great Americans all over this country has confirmed our conviction that America has not been left to crumble to pieces and disintegrate. No doubt our country is in serious trouble - so much trouble that I'm not sure we will turn it around through conventional just-elect-enough-good-people methods. Personally, I think America is headed for some very troubled times. How or when I do not pretend to know. But America still has a mission to perform. The Founders believed it and we at NCCS believe it. Our country may have to go through such a terrible situation that those who are now in control for power and gain will no longer be there because there will be no power or gain for them. That's the time when Americans will be looking for fellow citizens who have answers and have the ability to organize people.

Our immediate responsibility is to educate, educate, educate. Some people are beginning to give up, thinking there is no hope. Education in correct principles brings hope, it lights a fire that the negative happenings in the world cannot extinguish. This is true especially with young people who have their whole lives ahead of them. It is thrilling to see more and more young people at our seminars. Knowing correct principles also gives us courage to talk to our public officials, most of whom are also searching for answers.

All things considered, I think NCCS has positioned itself for a magnificent year in 1996.

An Exciting Year Ahead

Next year, 1996, promises to be one of the best year in NCCS recent history. Plans are now in the works to have us teach many more state legislators and county commissioners. We have even been contacted by a Congressional office for information which may lead to periodic seminars in Washington D.C. Also, Dr. Skousen, at 82, has spent many hours putting finishing touches on his monumental book, The Majesty of God's Law. It will be a major addition to NCCS's program for all Americans.

We have learned from hard experience not to take on any more than we have resources to do. We have made it a rule not to go into debt for any of these projects.

A Personal Plea

Enclosed with this letter is a two-page listing of some of the things in which NCCS has been involved. Frankly, we could have done a lot more in these and other areas if we had the resources to work with and more people involved who know this is everyone's immediate responsibility.

The saving of America and its Constitution is not NCCS's battle. It is an effort which belongs to every citizen of this land. NCCS is merely a resource to assist citizens in doing their duty, just as a school or a church is a resource to assist families. If NCCS is to move to the next higher level of activity we must have the help of past supporters, the continued help of present supporters, and the addition of many new ones. Could you see a way to pledge $5, $10, $15, or $20 or more per month to help in so great a cause?

May you and your family enjoy lasting peace this Christmas season that comes only through the Prince of Peace.


Earl Taylor, Jr.