Dear Friends,

December is an exciting month. It always has represented the end of a year, but seldom has it represented the end of a decade, the end of a century and the end of a millenium all at the same time. It has been ten years since the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, beginning an era of relative freedom for many behind the Iron Curtain. It has been a hundred years since the United States reached its apex in world leadership of freedom, peace, and prosperity around 1900, when the U.S. was producing over one-half of all the world's goods and services while having only one-sixteenth of the world's population. It has been a thousand years since mankind began ever so gradually to emerge from deep dark ages of slavery, ignorance, and misery to the light of knowledge, truth, and freedom. Truly, we have reason to rejoice as we stand on the threshold of an amazing new millenium foreseen to by prophets of old as a time of restoration of even greater things. The Being, whose birth we celebrate this month, must also be rightly credited for all the progress of mankind that we will celebrate at the end of this month.

A Different History Is Being Taught In Our Schools Today

As I have mentioned before, I was asked to be a member of the committee to write standards for Social Studies curriculum for high school students in my state. It is an almost unbelievable thing to sit with supposedly well-trained teachers of our youth and hear them espouse ideas and doctrines concerning our beloved United States and its origins that would be categorically rejected by our Founders.

It is being taught that since the Founders were men of property, they were mostly concerned that their commercial interests were being threatened by England, hence the necessity of breaking from England.

It is being taught that the concept of unalienable rights is a myth and a psychological illusion and a concept which can no longer be argued in our courts.

It is being taught that the ideas for America's government came from the ancient Greece and Rome, from Africa, and from the Native Americans.

It is being taught since all living things are descended from a common ancestor, animals are not inferior to man, but are co-equal inhabitants of this planet. As such we must return huge portions of the planet back to nature to ensure that all living things in the future will have a chance for survival.

All of this should come as no surprise to those who have read the minutes of some of the most powerful tax-exempt foundations who funded the rewriting of American History textbooks.

Dr. Hyrum Andrus describes the gradual change:

".two major developments began to influence the writing of American History: 1) the rise of professionally educated historians with broad ranges of social interests, and 2) the impact of Darwinism and related schools of thought. The following generation of professional historians--from about 1910 to 1945--rejected the idea that 'natural laws governed human society.' They were moved, instead, by a 'climate of opinion and methodology' that viewed history as 'an ideological weapon' to explain the present and to 'control the future.' To them society was 'open-ended and dynamic.' Social development was not determined by divine or natural laws but, as Karl Marx had argued, by 'economic and social forces' which arose from the interaction of individuals with their environment." (Andrus, The Revolution Called Liberty, manuscript, Volume 1, page 6)

What our teachers are being trained to teach, what our teachers are teaching, and what our children in most public and private schools are learning is a complete distortion of the roots of our American Heritage. It is no doubt one of the greatest tragedies ever perpetrated on the American people.

NCCS Announces the Writing of a New Textbook 
That Tells the Real Story of American Liberty

We have received hundreds of inquiries over the past years as to the availability of a textbook to tell the true story of America. Home school families, private school teachers, and some public school teachers and parents have become so appalled by what is written in modern textbooks about the origins and history of the American nation, that some have refused to use them and many have sincerely asked why one has not been written which tells the correct story. They say, "We're looking for one that does not slant history one way or the other. We want one to tell it the way it really was."

It is altogether fitting, that as we begin a new millenium, the true story of American liberty--its sources and growth-- be told and documented. And when it is all told, as it really happened, the central Figure in it all will be shown to be the Original Source of all light and truth.

Jesus Christ Is The Source of All Progress, Liberty, and Truth

"Historical data clearly show," writes Hyrum Andrus, "that the early Fathers of Liberty credited the spirit of freedom, the principles and practices of democracy, and the idea of progress, to Jesus Christ, his atoning sacrifice, and his teachings. Centering their lives in the living Son of God, they drew on: 1) the new transforming life and power of the Holy Spirit which they received by faith in Christ, through the scriptural Word, and by applying the New Testament principles of spiritual renewal taught by Jesus, John, Peter, and especially Paul; and, 2) the free principles and theo-democratic practices which they beheld in the New Testament Church. The Liberal Tradition [meaning the spirit and order of liberty through Christ] that emerged from these sources was carried forward by a New Testament order to return to Bible Christianity and recover the New Testament order of religio-spiritual life, which the Fathers of Liberty held had been lost by apostasy." (Andrus, Vol. 1, introduction)

Most Americans have never been exposed to the spiritual thinking of some of the great people who had helped change mankind's direction through the ages. For example, John Locke, who is mentioned in American History classes for his writings on the natural rights of man, wrote ten volumes on religious and social subjects which show his strong commitment to Christ and his reliance on the Holy Spirit.

Isaac Newton, known for his achievements in science and mathematics, studied the Bible daily. His writings reveal how the religious base of his life and the setting in which he expected his scientific views to be understood. Newton believed all science and math reflected God's handiwork. In his Observations Upon The Prophecies of Daniel, And The Apocalypse of St. John, Newton declares his firm belief that an apostasy from Bible Christianity had taken place, that God always sends prophets to reclaim his people, and that he would do so in the final dispensation.

There are numerous others whose work helped lay the foundation of liberty in modern times--John Milton, William Blackstone, Algernon Sydney, Erasmus of Holland, etc. The Fathers of Liberty in America were empowered by the same Spirit of Liberty these earlier reformers felt.

When the Spirit of the Living Word touched their hearts and minds, they became different people. No longer were they satisfied to remain under the domination of traditional churches or traditional political systems. They were individuals born of freedom that no earthly power can bestow--freedom from religious tyranny, freedom from the bondage of sin, and now they had to have freedom from political oppression if their newfound spiritual freedom was to survive. The system of God's organization and laws outlined in the Old Testament along with the spiritual laws in the New Testament became their guide for government. The concept of a democratic-republican government arose not from secular philosophers; nor did the spirit and principles of liberty and democracy come from Greece and Rome. It arose from their familiarity and conversion to the Living Word of Christ.

A Challenge to the Modern Student

"To think the thoughts of past reformers and to return to the life-experiences that brought forth liberty and democracy is a challenge, not merely for the historian but for all who truly desire to remain free. The Fathers of Liberty sought, by faith in the living Christ, to base their lives on Bible Christianity. The New Testament was their primary text, their guide, and the Holy Spirit, truths, and doctrines which they found in Scripture brought them to personal liberty in Christ, and led them to the principles, concepts, and forms of theo-democratic society and government. The new Testament and the writings of Liberal Reformers are still extant, inviting inquiring minds to the same perception and experience as that to which the Fathers of Liberty arrived." (Andrus, Vol.1, p.114)

Outline of High School Text on American History

The book will be divided into chapters, which will discuss a specific unit of events or information. The first chapter will trace the origin of modern liberty from the Renaissance to the American Founding. It will detail the persons and groups that fostered and gave birth to liberty in modern times. It will also explain clearly what liberty is and how it differs from the modern interpretation. This will be a lengthy chapter but will establish a firm foundation for students to interpret the other events in American history.

After tracing the origins of liberty, the book will detail the explorations leading to the discovery of America, followed by the Colonizing, pre-Revolutionary, Revolutionary, and Constitutional periods. The remaining chapters will be divided by Presidential terms. Not only will the political events be included, but all pertinent events that took place within each term of office. This will easily divide up the nation's history and conveniently organize "packets of historical information" for the student to better keep track of names, dates, and events.

Each chapter will contain pictures and a highlighted section called "Historical Interpretation" where the facts of history will be evaluated through the ideological/spiritual foundation established in the first chapter. The end of each chapter will contain a review for the students. A series of "fill-in-the-blanks" and evaluation questions will assist the students in focusing on the key points.

Will You Help Us In This Most Important Cause?

We announce to you that funds have been provided for the writing of this valuable text. We warmly hope you will consider this project in whatever year-end giving you may be able to do so that we may accumulate funds for its publication this next summer.

Wishing You a Merry and Memorable Christmas Season,

Earl Taylor, Jr.