The Making of Modern Economics: A Constitutional Treasure

Dear Friends,

This is W. Cleon Skousen coming out of retirement long enough to tell you about a great new book that is just off the press.

This book has taken a lifetime to write and I was afraid it would never get finished. But it is now available and I read it in less than a week. It is a masterpiece!

This new book is called, The Making of Modern Economics, and it was written by the one expert who knew we needed to have this background for our library of Constitutional treasures. The author is my nephew, Dr. Mark Skousen, who is the adjunct professor of economics at the Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. He is also the editor-in-chief of Forecast and Strategies, one of the largest investment and economic newsletters in the United States. He received his doctorate from the George Washington University, and for several years was a former economic analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C.

This is his twenty-first book and it is already becoming a best-seller in its field.

The author has helped us make special arrangements with the publisher so that we were able to obtain 100 hardbound copies at a reduced price. The enclosed flyer will give you the details.

When you get a copy of this book you will realize what a work of genius it turned out to be. Now that I have finished it, my feelings are somewhat like those of Bill Egerer who sent the following e-mail to his sister and later a copy was forwarded to me. He said:

"This week I found Skousen's new book, The Making of Modern Economics. I cannot put it down! This book is a jewel - it ties together all the study and reading I've done since 1997....

"Skousen crafts the book with intriguing sidebars, easy to understand text and keeps the pompous academic attitude to a minimum.

"Skousen's work offers students of economics a truly free-market based book to guide their learning. It fills a huge void currently existing in free-market books.

"If the free market movement is going to reach the next significant leap of believers, it requires the average person's understanding of basic economic principles. Most current texts keep wonderful works pent up on dusty shelves because they are written in that stodgy, bloated prose that carries academic arrogance.

"Skousen pierces the wall of 'books written FOR the author' and gives us a book 'written FOR the reader.' I think he can become the Rush Limbaugh of economics."

As a result of the popularity of this book, Dr. Mark Skousen has just returned from a tour of Europe. The enthusiastic reactions of people in foreign countries, including professors at universities, is tremendously significant. You will read some of these comments on the cover of the book.


As all of you are undoubtedly aware, there will come a time when the Constitution and everything it represents will hang by a thread.

At that time there will be a cleansing of America and the survivors will want to know how to restore the Constitution and rebuild a great new nation.

As you know, I prepared a primer on the restoration of the Constitution entitled, The Majesty of God's Law. However, the Constitution can only be restored in company with God's inspired political economy.

Adam Smith published the inspired ingredients for that marvelous economy in 1776, and the Founding Fathers made it a fundamental part of our American tradition. The name of Adam Smith's book was The Wealth of Nations . And Alexis de Tocqueville said in his Democracy in America that these principles would make America the richest nation in the world.

Only fragments of that original formula are still intact, but they are still working sufficiently to make America the richest nation on earth. Our task is to learn the Adam Smith formula for a free market economy so we can preserve what is left and restore what has been lost.

After the cleansing of America there will be a remnant that will know how to put it all together again. I want you and your children to be part of that remnant and now we have a book that can help us get prepared for that opportunity.

    That is my secret reason for wanting you to read this book.


When Mark Skousen undertook to write The Making of Modern Economics, he knew he had to accomplish two things.

First, he had to help people appreciate why the Founding Fathers were so excited about the writings of Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations . He does this mostly in his first two chapters.

Secondly, he had to acquaint the reader with the multitude of economists, politicians and scoundrels who have labored with all their might to destroy Adam Smith's vision of a free-market economy and replace it with various kinds of "isms" right out of the crackpot factory.

Some may find it a bit challenging to labor through the history of this strenuous and sometimes violent struggle to gain control of America's monetary machine and the worldwide influence of her political power. Never before has the account of this struggle been told as effectively and interestingly as you will find it in Dr. Mark Skousen's brilliant book.

Everything that you need to know about Adam Smith and the things he proposed for the universal prosperity of the entire nation is in this book.

And everything you need to know about the experiments, trials and crackpot schemes which have been concocted to replace our free-market economy are also in this book.

If you get a little weary of tracing the confusing and contradictory trail of the enemies of Adam Smith, I have a suggestion for you. Find out what happens at the end.

Recently someone asked what made John Wayne's movies so exciting, and the answer came back: "Because in the end the good guys always win."

And Dr. Mark Skousen concludes his book with just such a finale. This is especially gratifying to me because during much of my life the enemies of the Constitution and free-market economics have seemed to be winning a lot of the time. But you will love the 17th chapter of this book where the author tells us that finally, the good guys are beginning to win.

But after you have read this chapter, go back and read the chapters you may have skipped. You need to know the strenuous dichotomy of every chapter in this book. You need to know the tricks, false hopes, and the raw deception that have been used to destroy the inspired message of Adam Smith. These are all rugged lessons of history, and like the sage says, "Those who haven't learned the lessons of history may be doomed to repeat them."

My love and best wishes to you all.


W. Cleon Skousen