Getting Constitutional Materials into the Schools

In the past 20 months The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS) with the help of its supporters and others have been able to distribute over 400,000 copies of "A More Perfect Union" throughout America, over 300,000 of these going to schools. It has truly been an amazing project, with a wide variety of individuals, groups, and organizations participating. In the interest of privacy, we will not include in our report the names of individuals and in some cases other identifying information.

Direct Mailing to Nation's Schools

In August of last year, with the help of over 350 volunteers, the NCCS mailed 100,000 copies of "A More Perfect Union" to the public schools in America. This year we mailed out a "Teacher's Guide" for the movie and a Constitutional Poster to the same schools. Many schools expressed sincere thanks for the materials they received and a desire to receive more such high quality materials with which to teach their students the Constitution. Here are a couple of their comments:

Virginia - "Thank you so much for the "freebie" of information I received as a part of the Constitution Day studies. I just finished showing this video to my civics classes and I just want you to know that we truly enjoyed the movie which depicted the Constitutional Convention in 1787. While I attempted to present this moment in history in lectures, the video truly became the catalyst for student understanding. I especially liked the fact that it was filmed on location and the casting of characters was wonderful. I also downloaded the teacher's guide from your website and I have used pieces of that to enhance the movie and discussion. I just wanted to take a moment to send my appreciation to you for putting together such a useful instructional tool - one that I know I will continue using for years to come. I am glad that this "freebie" made its way into my mailbox."

Ms. Hendricks- "Allow me to express our gratitude to your organization for providing my school with a copy of A More Perfect Union. My students have watched the movie, and I have rarely seen seventh graders so properly impressed. They have gained a respect for our Constitution and for the Framers that I could not have given them with any other resource. I believe they have learned lessons that will be with them all of their lives."

Alaska- "I purchased a copy of your movie in VHS 10 years ago and have shown it to my students every year. Thanks for a new copy-my old one is worn out."

Oklahoma- "We would like to continue receiving free resources each year for celebrating Constitution Day as mandated by Public Law 108-477. The materials you have furnished or we have purchased so far have been wonderful. I especially appreciated the DVD, because my children seem to remember more when I support my lessons with a film. I have found the children who don't do well in a normal classroom setting (i.e. lab students especially) tend to learn from movies when all I have taught has failed. Please continue to send materials and leave our name on your list."

Texas- "Thank you for free resources we got to help us teach and celebrate Constitution Day. It's not often teachers get free materials that are of the quality your materials are. Thank you for your support of education and children."

California- "I have personally viewed the DVD and found it to be of very high quality and content. Kudos to your organization for taking on the important goal of making sure all American students receive straightforward and unadulterated information about the founding of our country. This is no easy task, given the rampant interpretation of our founding documents by folks who read more into them than the words suggest. I only hope that it is not too late. I am coordinating the integration of these materials into our US History curriculum, under the direction of our US History faculty members, for distribution to ALL students and staff members in commemoration of Constitution Day next September. I will also be sure that posters are placed in strategic locations across the campus. Please include our school on your list of those interested in receiving information about additional resources available from NCCS for celebrating Constitution Day."

Ms. Naylor- "The resource materials were wonderful for last year. Our US History teachers used them throughout the year. Please keep sending more. Thank you."

Participation by Organizations and Businesses

The following organizations and businesses purchased DVDs from NCCS to distribute.

  • A publisher of a weekly newspaper that teachers subscribe to for their students dedicated their September paper last year to celebrating Constitution Day and sent each of the 30,000 schoolteachers on their list a free copy of "A More Perfect Union" with their materials.

  • A business that produces educational videos included a copy of "A More Perfect Union" in the orders of 30,000 of their customers.

  • A town Constitutional Commemoration Committee distributed more than five thousand copies of "A More Perfect Union" over the past two years to schools in their state.

  • A local veteran group placed 2500 copies of the DVD in schools in their area.

  • Local chapters of groups like DAR and the Exchange Clubs donated copies to schools in their areas of influence.

  • The list goes on and on, including many service organizations, churches, etc.

Individuals-which probably includes you!

One individual running for governor of his state distributed over 10,000 DVDs, many of which went to schools in his state. He is now Governor.

A US Senator distributed 4,000, many of which also went to schools in his state.

Thousands of you have purchased 10 copies or more of the movie to share with family members, friends, and schools in your areas. It is to you that we owe our very special thanks. It is the one on one contact with your children's teachers that has had the greatest impact on this project. We also extend our special thanks to the thousands of schoolteachers that have shared the movie with their fellow teachers and have encouraged them to use it in their classes.

The following comments are from individuals who have caught the spirit of this project to help all Americans learn more of their Constitutional heritage:

"I was able to visit all the schools in my area. Every school had received the materials you had mailed to them and they were pleased to receive the additional Constitutional Poster that I offered their schools as a gift from me to them. In all schools except one I was able to talk to the principal and many of the teachers who have been using the helps provided by NCCS. In every case they expressed their appreciation and are putting the materials to good use."

"I just watched the movie. It was great! It should be a part of every school's US history curriculum, and a requirement for every Boy Scout as part of the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge. I will be using it and encouraging all the Scouts I know to incorporate it in our programs. Thank you for making 10 copies or more at a special price so we can help spread the message. We need to get back to the Constitution and the values of our inspired Founders!"

Texas- "I need to buy 100 copies of "A More Perfect Union" to use in our teacher training class on how to teach the Constitution to our students."

Washington- "I gave a copy to each of the seventeen schools in my area."

Wilbur- "I own a copy business in my state and gave each of the 400 schools I service a copy of "A More Perfect Union" as a thank you gift for doing business with me. They all seemed to really appreciate it."

A Drop in the Bucket!

Our efforts to date can only be called a drop in the bucket. If all of us who read this newsletter will contact the organizations, clubs, civic groups, committees, churches, etc. that we belong to and encourage them to help in the education of our youth in the science of government as George Washington charged us with, our youth will be prepared to be the future guardians of the liberties of this nation. As Washington stated, "A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government. In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important? And what duty more pressing . than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?"

To date, probably less than 10 million students have seen the movie. Our goal by the end of next year is to get another 100,000 copies of the film to schoolteachers in our public schools. We need your help! Challenge the organizations you belong to get out 1000 DVDs, your club 100, and your family 10. We all have a duty to protect and preserve what we have been given. Click here to order yours today!

Eighth Printing of The 5,000 Year Leap

We have just placed an order for the eighth printing of The 5,000 Year Leap. Glenn Beck mentioned the book on his talk show, which has resulted in hundreds of orders for the book over the past few days. We are indebted to Mr. Beck for helping us reach our goal of distributing 100,000 copies across America this year. Remember, you can get 10+ copies of the book for $5.00 each to share with family, friends, and people of influence.

Here are three comments about this book:

"Hello-I just have been introduced to all your products and am very impressed. I belonged to the group of Americans who "didn't know", but after reading The Five Thousand Year Leap and watching A More Perfect Union I am sure to study more, in fact, I am hungry for more information."

President, Homemakers for America- "The Five Thousand Year Leap should be in every home, in every classroom and on every library shelf in America. It should be read, re-read and referenced over and over again. It is what every American should know and we are blessed to have it so carefully presented in this new course. Thank you NCCS! You did it again! The Five Thousand Year Leap is an endearing staple in our home. I have always loved America but there was so much that was left out of my history classes. I found the missing parts that were left out of my civics courses imbedded in the pages of this book."

Catholic priest--- "I just finished reading the The Five Thousand Year Leap and I loved every single page of it. It is the best book I have read on the beauty of the United States. I firmly believe that there is a providential mission the Unites States has in the world. I believe it is very important to go back to some of the Founding Fathers' principles in order to avoid a downfall."

Making of America Seminars Held Across Nation

A hearty thanks to Charles and Mary Ann Marvil of Sharpsburg, Maryland who hosted a Making of America Seminar right on the site of the bloodiest one-day battle in U. S. history-Antietam, which borders their town of Sharpsburg. It was sobering to tour the battlefield and review the awful scene of carnage which happened on Constitution Day, September 17, 1862. It brought to my mind the poignant fact that if the Founders' formula for freedom had been followed, the Civil War would never have been fought.

Our thanks also to Trish Harmon for hosting a seminar in Onancock, Virginia located on the Eastern Shore (the lower peninsula on the Atlantic side of the Chesapeake Bay). We were also privileged to witness the opening performance of the play "The Bare and the Cubbe". This play, performed in 1665, was reported to be the first play ever performed in the American colonies. Even at that early time it was deemed revolutionary in nature because it compared England to a mother "bare" (Old English for bear) who only wanted to exploit riches from its Cubbes (Old English for cubs), the colonies.

Upcoming Constitutional seminars include: Sandy, Utah, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Mapleton, Utah, Mesa, Arizona, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, El Dorado, Kansas, and Graylake, Illinois. Contact Earl Taylor at 480-832-6326 for information on how you and your friends can attend in these areas.

It is encouraging that many Americans are feeling the need to reacquaint themselves with the United States Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. Best wishes in preparing for Constitution Week next month!


Earl Taylor, Jr.