How Can I Help America in 2008?

We are pleased to report that an increased number of Making of America seminars around the nation has produced a number of newly educated citizens who are anxious to do more to help America.

In our seminars, we review the Founders' story of where they obtained their good ideas and how they put their ideas into practice in the Constitution. As we have said so many times, the Founders had answers to nearly every problem we have in America today. These ideas are so logical, so simple, and so appealing that those who hear them for the first time always exclaim, "Well then, why are we not doing it this way?" To a teacher, those kinds of questions indicate the power of the Founder's message and, of course, presents the challenge of helping people know what they can do to be most effective in the freedom effort. The next most oft asked question is usually, "What can I do and how can I get involved to really make a difference?"

We wish to discuss several things that each American can do in 2008 to make for a better America and to spread the good news of freedom across the land. Some of these are very time consuming; others are not. Some will present as much of a challenge as a person may think he is capable of, others may be done rather simply and easily. There is work enough for anyone to do no matter what his situation in life may be. But every American can do something in relation to the preservation of our American system.

One thing I have learned is to have the right overall perspective. That is, in our challenge to correct things in our country, we must keep in mind that the big picture might not change much, given our present situation. But if we keep the goal in mind and work hard at it, we are converting individual souls to freedom in the process. To me, this is most important because it is what individuals do with the moral agency the Creator has given them that each individual will be held accountable for in the next life. I have often thought that the area of politics is perhaps one of the best ways to test us on how developed our belief is in the eternal concept of moral agency.

What can I do to make a difference?

Here are suggestions for your New Year's consideration:

  1. Read and discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in your family. No matter what the level of understanding may be, this can be an extremely rewarding family activity. There are no better discussions around the dinner table than relating good principles of government to what is happening daily. It is a way of bringing family members together in a meaningful way. I have found that when parents relate to their children with principles of freedom, other areas of family life seem to go better. NCCS has study tools to help. Stories and coloring for the younger ones, or study questions and outlines for the older ones.

  2. Get to know your public officials. Most public officials really want to do what is right. The problem is they think the right thing to do is what they hear people say. If the wrong people have their ear, then decisions are made based on false information. Good public officials will tell you they are lonely many times in making decisions. They wish to hear from people other than the paid lobbyists who hover around these decision-making bodies. Let them know who you are and that you are sincerely interested in the decisions they make. Congratulate them when making proper decisions and gently remind them of mistakes when they make wrong decisions. They really do want to hear from you - and more than just an email.

  3. Volunteer to work on your city's Constitution Week celebration committee. NCCS has plenty of material and suggestions for you to take to your mayor in order to have a Proclamation ready to be signed several weeks before September 17th. Schools, churches, service clubs, patriotic organizations can all be rallied in a spirit of Americanism to put on a meaningful, annual celebration. In my city of Mesa, Arizona (population 450,000), we have had an official City of Mesa Constitution Week Celebration Committee now for almost 30 years. Each year they stage marvelous celebrations and productions with hundreds of citizens involved.

  4. Become involved in the political process. This can be as simple as running for Precinct Committeeman. Most of the time these positions remain unfilled. These are actually party positions. One of the best ways to become involved gradually is to become active in your political party. There are regular meetings to attend which are very informative. Public officials give regular reports at these functions and you will be kept up-to-date on the latest issues and candidates. As you become known in political circles and learn the system, you will know when the time is right for you to perhaps run for office. Most people in the parties want to support someone who has been involved and "paid his dues" first. Political Parties do not represent the best choice of the Founders in good government, but our system today has given them legal standing and we are usually bound to work through them if we want to have an influence.

  5. Be a constant source of influence and information in schools, libraries, and churches. Our NCCS catalog is filled with quality books, DVDs, pamphlets, and other helps which can be given periodically to interested people in these organizations. Our website is attracting hundreds of new people who have expressed delight at finally finding a reliable source of information on good government. Our monthly newsletter may be had by email now and hundreds of new families are signing up to receive it. Others continue to get it by regular mail.

  6. Give a Freedom Gallery to a local school, business, church, or public building. The Freedom Gallery is made up of seventeen documents and paintings with tremendous historical significance to Americans. The permanent display covers a sixteen by four foot wall space and each piece is protected by a poly-carbonate cover for lasting beauty. One high school teacher writes: "Your Freedom Gallery is one of the greatest things I've seen to teach needed lessons from our great national history. I've watched dozens of students stop and study the gallery and learn from the great art and history that is depicted in the prints on display. I've visited with teachers who plan on making the gallery part of their curriculum." Efforts from an organized local committee can make the Freedom Gallery a part of any public building.

  7. Host a Making of America seminar. If you've ever wanted a way to "charge up" your community, here is the answer. An all-day seminar will leave participants in amazement as the story of America is opened to them in a way the Founders would do it if they were here. Developed by Dr. Skousen over many years of teaching, this seminar forms the backbone of NCCS efforts. It has prepared citizens to run for public office; it has answered many questions concerning local and national issues; it has launched on-going study classes in the community; it has been a source of strength for citizens wishing to have the knowledge and courage to become involved in political affairs. Most of us owe our beginnings in the freedom effort to our attendance at such a seminar. If you have ever wondered what you could do in your area, this is the kickoff that your friends will thank you for forever. Complete outlines of suggestions are available from NCCS on how to get started. We have recently made it possible for you to host a seminar without the fear of not being able to meet certain monetary commitments. If you have the desire, then we have the answers and would love to talk to you about a seminar in your area.

  8. Organize a monthly study class. This is best done as a way to keep the study going and the enthusiasm high after attending the Making of America seminar. Every American should be able to give one evening a month for the study of principles of good government. The specially prepared Study Guide outline contains study questions for the methodical study of The Five Thousand Year Leap and The Making of America. These two books are a must read for any citizen wishing to be grounded in the proper role of government. The once-a-month format provides time to have guest speakers or video presentations to add variety to the 31-month study class. Local office holders love to respond to such invites to explain their positions on local issues.

  9. Help flood the nation with The Five Thousand Year Leap book and A More Perfect Union DVD. These are appealing study materials which have already been distributed in huge quantities to families and schools around the nation. They are helping to gradually awaken the nation's citizens to principles of good government. They have been endorsed and promoted on national television and radio. Priced so that people can purchase them by the 10s and 100s, they make excellent gifts to anyone, especially public office holders.

  10. Promote NCCS's semester long courses on American Government. This course is a complete curriculum for the teaching of the principles of liberty and the United States Constitution. Reading assignments, video discussions with PowerPoint notes, quizzes and exams are provided to make this a complete semester-long course for public, private, and home school environments. Through these and our other materials, NCCS is quickly becoming the schoolmaster of the nation in teaching the Constitution in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. A sample of this course is contained on our "Principes of Liberty" DVD (2-hours) which highlights some of the principles discussed in this course. This DVD is not only designed to introduce the course but also to teach some important principles of good government. It is available for $9.95 for 1 copy, or take advantage of our 10 for $10 offer.

  11. Work through an organization to which you currently belong. Many of our supporters have had great success working through organizations of which they are members. Service clubs, political units, churches, schools, parent-teacher organizations, home school associations, businesses, etc., all provide excellent spheres of influence to introduce and teach principles of good government. We have had large orders of books, DVDs, pocket copies of the Constitution, and have taught Making of America seminars sponsored by these groups. They are a ready made audience who are usually anxious to hear of such worthy efforts as NCCS. Don't pass up the opportunity to involve those with whom you work and associate.

  12. Support NCCS . As you can see, NCCS is active in continuing to educate Americans. We are excited for the increased interest shown in the efforts of The National Center for Constitutional Studies and our message. As we have said before, Dr. Skousen spent many years packaging the message of the Founders and now it is our responsibility to spread the message of freedom throughout all the land. Of course, this takes financial resources to continue to do this. There remains no paid staff at NCCS, however, many thousands of hours are donated annually to make this effort succeed. Volunteer organizations usually have short life spans, but NCCS seems to be weathering each storm. It is a testimony to the truthfulness and value of the message. It still takes large sums of money to print or reprint books and brochures and produce other teaching aids. Some people can't or choose not to do any of the activities in this letter, but are able to contribute something financially so that others can carry on the work outlined above. Your regular donations are most sincerely appreciated.

  13. Can you see yourself and your family doing one or more of the above activities? It is a rewarding experience to help someone catch the vision and conviction of the Founders message.

    Have a wonderful Christmas season,


    Earl Taylor, Jr.