"American Government & US Constitution (Part 1)" Reviews

06/01/2016 - Teri Nine : rated
So far, I have mentored two groups of high school age (14+), homeschooled students using this program now, and I cannot say enough good about it. I use The 5,000 Year Leap for the first year (since we only teach once a week) and The Making of America for years 2 and 3 (since it's twice as long as the first book.) So I actually take the kids through a three-year course. Included in the course are field trips, movie days (showing movies such as "Monumental", etc.) community service, a Focus on the Founders Fall Event (public speaking), and a Constitution Bowl in the Spring (competitive team event). During the year the student bring a Current Event each week (political news, at federal level), that they will share when we have time and then once during the Fall and once during the Spring we have 1 class time set aside for just C.E.'s. Also, when some questions pop up during class, such as "How did the Great Depression start?" or they want to know who a certain person was, or what a certain word or phrase means, I assign that to the students as a "Challenge", which they LOVE - and the following week they return with the answer and "teach" the class about it. Also, during the first year, the students "team teach" the principles to the class, and they are allowed to use any creative, out-of-the-box and fun way to get the main points across. We have a LOT of fun, my favorite part of which are the class discussions we have. There are times the discussion will go for an hour, and I can see these kids' minds just turning as they soak in the information - then they go home and share these discussions with their parents and those parents come to me telling me how wonderful this is. However, the best part is to watch their eyes. When they first begin the class I can see in their eyes the thought "I hope this class won't be too boring" or something along those lines. As we proceed through the next 3 years, the look in those eyes changes. At first they eyes grow more "awake" as they start having fun in class and start to learn what is really protecting their freedoms and what it's founded on (the 28 principles), then their eyes grow wide as they begin to see and understand that all is not well in our nation. Eventually their eyes grow serious, as they begin to learn more and study what is really going on in our republic and what the Founders actually gave us and intended for us, and that usually turns to anger, as they get upset and frustrated that our elected servants are "messing with us" with so blatantly and so often. And then I see a look of hopelessness come over those eyes, when they feel the grandeur of the corruption, the seeming indifference of the citizenry, and the seemingly smallness of their own efforts, as they begin to question whether there is anything they can even do about it? And then, the grand finale - they start to grasp the hope and reality that YES! There IS something they can do about it, and there IS hope for this nation through the very principles and Constitution and Bill of Rights that the Founders espoused and that this course is teaching them, accompanied by the missionary work that the gospel of Jesus Christ supports and encourages. The students learn that the Constitution and the Gospel of Christ are two sides of the same coin, and that the hope for this nation lies in returning to Christ, through personal choice and through missionary work, and that it is Christ who can and will heal this nation when we do that. By the time they leave this class, they leave with a bounce in their step, a hope in their eye, and a much more solid foundation regarding their republic and it's founding documents, so that they are able to engage in adult discussions and debates and hold their own. I've had a couple of my students reach out to me after they've been in college and share that this class taught them more than any college class, and one of those students was asked by the professor to stand and teach the section on the federal government and Constitution because he knew more than the professor did regarding these principles, the Founders, and the founding documents of our nation. He said he blamed me for the "A" he got in that class. Ha! :) Yes, I love this class, and have found it is a passion of mine to teach the rising generation about these things. Having been born and raised in Mexico, a 2nd world country, I know what it's like to live in a nation where there is nothing close to the U.S. Constitution. My mother was American, and I am now American and I love this promised land. It is special among nations and our rising generation must know these truths BEFORE they arrive at universities, or they will be lost to us. I will forever be grateful for Cleon Skousen and Earl Taylor for their sacrifices and efforts to bring NCCS and it's many products and services to We The People. We need this today, more than ever before, in America! A most excellent, and highly recommended course!

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