How the West Was Lost

Author: William C. Hayward | pp: 446 | Cover: Hardcover

This book relates the historical story of the westward expansion of this country to the Pacific Ocean. As the ever-increasing population moved west to create new settlements, homesteaders stretched across the open land as well. It traces:

  • How our Founding Fathers carefully crafted the Constitution to limit the powers of the Federal Government:

  • How the American Revolution War debt played an important part in the crafting of the Constitution:

  • How Supreme Court decisions have either altered or reinforced the concept and foundation laid down by our Founding Fathers of defined, limited federal powers:

  • How the different bureaus of the Federal Government have expanded their power over this same land thus eroding the concept of limited Federal government our Founding Fathers so carefully set forth in the Constitution:

  • How the different states no longer have their sovereignty that was originally guaranteed:

  • How even the Supreme Court has taken decisions out of context and compounded the problem thus reinforcing the power of these different bureaus over our land as well as the fabric of our lives-none of which would have been approved by our Founding Fathers.

"This book is the most complete book on how the Federal Government took over and held the land in the western states. Besides the history this book relates, this book is a law reference book on federal land law, and should be in the hands of every western rancher or any federal land user. It should be in all public libraries, law libraries and certainly in any land law attorney's library. I fully endorse this book."

-Bert "Nevada" Smith, 
Nevada rancher and owner for over 53 years

"This book is one the people of this country should read. It tells the story of how the Federal Government, largely through its bureaus and agencies, has taken authority and control away from our separate states - something our Founding Fathers would have rejected."

-Clifford P. Hansen, 
Former Governor of Wyoming and 
former U.S. Senator

How the West Was Lost

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