"Pocket Constitution" Reviews

10/30/2015 - Mary Hunter : rated
I'm so happy I found this site. We Vote for God Campaign is a new organization going across American getting people out to vote and presenting them with a pocket constitution and a Gideon Bible and praying for America to get back to the basics.
10/29/2015 - Jim Austin : rated
I teach firearms classes in NM. I hand these out with every class I teach. They come in handy especially when we start the law portion of the class. The first thing we discuss is the Constitution and the bill of rights. Great source.
10/24/2014 - Gregg French : rated
I have a space set aside for the NCSS Pocket Constitution at my local public library. They are quite popular and I have to refill weekly
01/08/2014 - Matthew Bosch : rated
I hand these out for free at my business and they have been a real hit with my customers. Thanks NCCS!
08/05/2013 - Allen Phillips : rated
We have kept the NCCS pocket constitutions in a "help yourself" display on our front counter for several years now. All visitors to our auto repair shop see them and can take one free of charge. It's one way we can quietly further the cause.

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